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Adrianna Torres is a photographer originally from the sun-kissed desert skies of Arizona and travels all around.

I fell in love with photography the moment I received my very first digital camera on my 14th birthday. I would take it absolutely everywhere with me and take pictures of anything and everything that I came across. I slowly started to become more intrigued with people and started to take photographs of human interactions, where I grew a deep passion for portraiture and fashion. My specialities are Portraits and Weddings. At the age of 18, I photographed my very first wedding; an experience I hold dearest to my heart. Being a photographer of now going on 7 years, I am certain that my style of photography is one that can’t be matched, with my unique techniques. With every photo I take, my passion shows through.

I take client’s on a regular basis as I am FULL TIME photographer. Send me an email with any questions or if you would like to book a session with me!

Email: eadritorres928@gmail.com

Phone: (623) 633-6896



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